Direm company has existed since 2007. Our company has dealed with installation of cereal-mill devices. However, it has got longer tradition.

My grandfather, Czesław Idzikowski has worked in the milling industry since the early 60s by the end of 1975 in ''ZRM Szubin'', his son, but my father Zdzisław Idzikowski led the company ''ZRM Idzikowski'' from 1975 to 2007.

In the 80s, my grandfather built a mill in Baghdad-Iraq (150t/d), mill in Gdańsk for Gdańsk's mills Ltd., and many technological lines: in the pasture mixing plant, breweries, grain elevators and the like.

Direm company continues the tradition and still operates.


  • Milling devices service, replacement of milling rolls.

  • Installation of machines and devices, pressurised transportation lines, gravitational transport, aspiration, mixing plants, grain cleaners and many other technological lines not only in the cereal-milling industry but also in a relational industry.

  • Installation of packing station- Lines of transportation product that is prepared, KUKA robots.

  • Construction of new structures.

  • Dismantling of steel structures.

  • Regeneration of devices.

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